Career videos


Vineyard Nurseryhand

Mitch attends to the daily duties involved in his family vineyard nursery business. From overseeing the start of a dormant grape vine cutting all the way through to them being planted in their nursery; grown into a young rootling and sent not only locally, but throughout Australia.

Recently Mitch has applied for a diploma in viticulture. It’s a 3 year course that will build on his viticulture skills. Mitch is sure this course will give him the skills to be able to take over and manage the family business.


Environmental and sustainability officer

Stella used to live in London, and whilst there fell in love with wine and wanted to explore it from where it starts, so working in the vineyards & in the winery.

Stellas wine career has seen her working in the winery cellar and in the lab undertaking data entry. She has since moved into her current role where her working week is now split between the lab and the office.

One of her favourite things about working in this industry is that there’s always room to grow, to move into new avenues, to improve.